Homemade Goop

Oobleck aka “Goop”


  1. Pour 2 cups cornstarch in a large unbreakable mixing bowl. SLOWLY add approximately 1 cup of water until you have the consistency of very thick pancake batter. You may need to play with the ratios a little to get it right.
  2. Once the “batter” is made…pick it up and play with it….Squeeze it….it is hard like a rock. Pull at it and it will break in half. But then relax your hand…and it will then run through your fingers.

Solid, liquid, solid, liquid..you be the judge! Hit it, throw it, roll it…go to town!!!!

***FYI…it sounds messy…but cleanup is a breeze…just wipe up with wet cloth and voila!

This is an “Non-Newtonian fluid” for the braniacs out there!

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